May 18, 2009

Change is in the Air

Things are changing so quickly in our family. It seems every time I blink we are experiencing another "First", whether it be as married couple or as parents to two very busy children! 

We got a phone call the other day from a woman named Crystal that works at a local Christian Academy. We put Ansley's name on a waiting list a couple months ago to ensure she would have a spot available when it was time for her to start school. (For those of you who know Ansley, you know she is entirely too smart for her own good.) Well, they have a spot available... Little Miss Ansley starts school on June 1st. Where in the world did all that time go? My baby can't possibly be old enough to go to school can she?

Apparently she is...

We went on a tour of the school where Ansley got to meet her teacher (Mrs. Oldham) and her soon-to-be classmates. She even got to meet the classroom pets... a fish named Batman and a snail named Robin.  She walked into her classroom, pulled up a chair, introduced herself, and joined right in with the other children! WE HAD TO DRAG HER OUT OF THERE when it was time to go! At least we know she won't have any attachment issues when the big "First Day" gets here.

So yesterday, we all piled in the expedition and went to good ol' Wally World to get her all of the school supplies she needed. Everything she got was Disney Princess of course (except for a silly little blue bird pillow, with a pink and white polka dot wing, which she insisted on getting to take with her for nap time)! 

We'll keep you updated on how Ansley is doing as things progress. In the meantime, here's a picture of our prissy little ham... And the answer is yes, she dressed herself!

On a different note, Eli had a much dreaded first today... His first haircut!  I have to admit his hair had gotten pretty long and he was well overdue. Joseph's been threatening to take him to the barber shop for months now, but I just couldn't bring myself to cut off his beautiful little "wings" on the side of his head around his ears. I FINALLY gave in when Joseph started calling our son "Ellie May" (yes, he seriously did),... but only after Joseph agreed to let me take half a million pictures and keep ALL of the hair that was cut off! All the men in the barber shop probably thought I was some kind of a crazy woman, but oh well, I GOT PICTURES from today's adventure and intend to SHARE... 

Here's Eli and Daddy heading into the barber shop. So far, so good...

Eli DID NOT like the idea of getting his hair cut any better than I liked the idea! 

Ansley thought the whole experience was quite entertaining!

The barber had to break out the lollipops and Joseph had to hold Eli's head to get the job accomplished! 

Eli was a happy camper after he got his lollipop!

Hair cut is almost finished...

Okay, Bring on the LADIES!

 I guess the whole experience wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was nice that we were able to do it as a family...

As I said before... Change is in the air. The kids are getting older and are opening new chapters in their lives. Each day brings us face to face with another milestone our family will be able to achieve together. Joseph and I planted our dreams for our family a long time ago. We've prayed to God asking him to pour out his blessings... How wonderful it is to see God's hand on this time of our life where our children and our marriage are in full bloom! There are so many wonderful things happening to our family despite Wyatt's poor prognosis... I can't wait to see what type of miracle God has in store for the newest member of our family!

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  1. What darling children you have. {grin} I stumbled on your blog, and really enjoyed reading for a bit.