February 21, 2010

Day three

You know, as broken as my heart still is over Wyatt, it amazes me how my heart can overflow with so much joy and appreciation for the members of my family I do have here. It still pains my heart that Wyatt isn't physically a part of our family unit here, but he is still a part of our families soul. He is still in everything we do because he is always held very closely to our hearts. My life is richer because of Wyatt. He's taught me an entirely new level of love. I love my family more fiercely because of that amazing little boy. I am so thankful for him. I have no new photo to post of him... I know I never will... but I just needed to acknowledge how much of a blessing he is in my life daily. Death had no power over the love that bonds our entire family together. We're merely separated for a while... but only a while. Life is short compared to eternity. I'll focus on that when I miss Wyatt more than I can bare.

With that being said, here are some pictures that made my heart smile today...

Sorry about having to sensor out some boy parts. What can I say?... Eli is more comfortable in his own skin than clothes! But I had to share this picture... I love that he's wearing his daddy's shoes. Such a little boy now, but one day I hope he fills his daddy's shoes just as well as his father does. I will be a very proud mother if he is half the man my husband is. I'd say he's already off to a good start, wouldn't you?!

Also, Pepsi is his fathers addiction... Eli could drink the stuff like chocolate milk if I'd let him! Doesn't he look like a happy camper...

This was probably one of my most heartwarming moments today. Eli was taking a nap when Joseph decided he would take Ansley for a walk to the mailbox. As he's walking with Ansley, he was telling her how getting mail was one of his most favorite things to do. He explained how precious mail became to him when he was gone with the Marines away from his family and that he was happy she was getting to do something he loved so much with him. I am so blessed to have created four precious children with a man so full of love. I love the following picture. A true picture of what a daddy/daughter relationship should be like. This picture is one of those that speaks more for itself than words ever could.

I have a beautiful and blessed life. Thank you lord for filling my heart with joy today.


  1. Way too cute! The pictures are adorable.
    Thank you for sharing them with me.

  2. All of your pictures are wonderful, like always. But I love that one of Joseph and Ansley. How precious!